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“Your fortune is not something to find, but to unfold.”



Word Magician - Kris Green

In her referral-only business Kris has been called a “Word Wizard” by her clients for her uncanny ability to uncover benefits, create succinct bullets, and write powerful headlines reaching desired purchasers. Her informative website critiques give the Do-It-Yourself-er implementable, valuable, specific feedback for website improvement. Whether you want words for a single card, a series of cards, emails, letters, special reports, or an entire website re-written, Kris delivers.

Kris discovered her passion for words at age 10 when she resorted to reading the only book available at camp… the Dictionary! Her fluency with words caused her to be recruited by the CIA (an honor she declined). Her first job was taking inventory in a hardware store for $25 in 1975. She’s still organizing nuts and bolts, but of marketing materials now.

Kris enjoys over 15 years of experience in technical writing plus training design and development experience. For the past two decades she has delved into marketing and copy writing. She enjoys applying her writing skills to create pieces that speak to your preferred clients. She also loves working with clients who are passionate about what they do and desire to effectively share that passion with others.

A life-long learner, Kris takes great joy in travel through books and foreign lands as well as through different states. A seminar junkie, she also loves to participate in personal and professional development because she enjoys learning and applying new skills to support others in their success. To this end, she has spent years learning copy writing techniques and marketing approaches.

Married to Tom in 1989, she welcomed her daughters in 1993 and 1995. Her Sheltie, Jazz, joined the family in 2006. She enjoys today, anticipates tomorrow, and expresses gratitude for the opportunity to do work she delights in–work that makes a positive difference in the lives and businesses of others.


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